Husky Stories + Huskies on the Hill


I’m just reaching out with a couple of opportunities and I was hoping that you could share them with your respective student communities.

Huskies on the Hill:

Join the Associated Students of UW (ASUW) on Friday, February 5th as we lobby our legislators to advocate for student issues! You will be participating in meetings with legislators and other programming events between 9 AM and 5PM. Students who register for this year’s virtual Lobby Day will have the opportunity to participate in several 15 minute meetings with state legislators throughout the day, as well as larger ASUW group activities. During these meetings, students will be advocating in support of measures on the 2021 ASUW Legislative Agenda, passed by the Student Senate. Although we will be providing fact sheets and training to students ahead of time, we want students to share their personal experiences relating to these issues as those are most valuable. We hope that by participating in this event, students can gain tools and experience in order to take action on other issues that are important to them in the future. We will also host a virtual training prior to lobby day to discuss our legislative agenda, talking points, and how to lobby as a student! If interested please fill out this form: asuwogra.

Husky Stories:

Are you passionate or have had personal experiences around these following issues: Food Insecurity & Housing, Campus Sustainability, Reallocating Campus Safety Resources, Sexual Assault Awareness and Care?

Then we want to hear your story! Please fill out the google form below if you’re interested in sharing your unique story to both legislators and the UW community. You will be contacted after filling out the form for an informal interview around your experience and the stories that you share will then be combined into an animated storybook! Your stories are powerful and we want to ensure that it’s heard.

Husky Stories Google Form


Sarah Jacob | Community Organizer

Office of Government Relations, ASUW


E-Mail | Office Hours | Facebook | Twitter

HUSKY UNION BUILDING 121 | (206) 543-6810


This communication may contain privileged or confidential information. If you are not the intended recipient or believe that you may have received this communication in error, please reply to the sender indicating that fact and delete the copy you received. In addition, you should not print, copy, re-transmit, disseminate, or otherwise use the information.

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Actuarial Club Meeting

Hello Econ majors,

Hope things are going well with the start of this quarter!

The UW Actuarial Club will be having our second meeting on Tuesday (1/12) starting at 5:30pm.

In this meeting, we will go over what the exam taking process is like, what VEE (Validation by Educational Experience) is and how it works, and a tutorial on how you can utilize a super helpful study material, Coaching Actuaries!

We will be sending out the zoom link on Tuesday to our mailing list, hope to see you there!

If you want to join our mailing list or just have any questions in general, feel free to contact actuary.

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Montlake Consulting Group: Application Open!

MCG is the longest-running student consulting organization at UW, and offers students real work experience, personal growth, and the opportunity to build their own professional network. We have been around for over 12 years, and have done 70+ projects with companies such as Costco, Starbucks, and Microsoft. Many of our alumni go on to well-known institutions such as McKinsey, Harvard, Google, and Goldman Sachs. We are looking for motivated, analytical candidates with strong communication and teamwork skills.

As members of MCG, students participate in quarter-long engagements with real world clients, helping them to solve a business need or create a business strategy. As such, during the quarters in which members are staffed, they will have weekly meetings, completing 5-10 hours of work on average. You must elect to be staffed for at least one quarter per academic year to maintain membership. Additionally, we aim to have one all-club meeting per quarter, and foster growth and development through individually tailored leadership and alumni programs.

We do not have any specific prerequisites for candidates. Students of all ages, majors, minors, and interests are encouraged to apply.

We have our resume and case workshops coming up, each of which additionally include an info session and Q&A. The resume workshop will occur on January 14th from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm through,and the case interview workshop will occur on January 19th from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm through

We highly recommend potential members attend to get a better picture of what MCG is and of the work we do. Our application consists of a resume, transcript, and cover letter, and is due January 21st. Our application is linked below and due on the 21st:

MCG One Slider.pdf


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ECON Advising Quarter Break Availability

Hello ECON students,

The Department of Economics’ Advising Office will have the following availabilities for the remainder of December:

  • econadv) will be available from December 21st, 2020 – December 24th, 2020. Please allow 1-2 days for us to respond to your emails sent during this time.
  • Email Advising will not be available from December 28th, 2020 – December 31st, 2020.

Also, please note that the University of Washington will be closed for holidays on Friday, December 25th & Friday, January 1st.

We hope that you finished your Autumn Quarter on a strong note, and that you enjoy your upcoming quarter break!

Department of Economics

University of Washington
305 Savery Hall, Box 353330
Seattle, Washington 98195-3330

phone 206.543.5794 / fax 206.685.7477
econadv /

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EUB Autumn 2020 Economizer

The EUB has published its Autumn 2020 edition of the Economizer, our quarterly newsletter. This edition, offered virtually due to COVID-19, has four timely articles written by Econ majors on various economic topics such as the elections, Brexit, and COVID-19. Check it out below!

Department of Economics

University of Washington

Email / Web / Facebook

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REMINDER: EUB Paul Heyne Seminar TOMORROW from 4pm to 5pm

REMINDER: EUB Paul Heyne Seminar TOMORROW from 4pm to 5pm

The Economics Undergraduate Board is excited to host the Autumn Paul Heyne Seminar with affiliate Professor Salar Jahedi on December 4th from 4-5pm. Professor Jahedi is an economist at Amazon and teaches one of the sections of behavioral economics here at UW.

This seminar is a great introduction to behavioral economics and is intended for anyone interested in the field of behavioral economics or in applications of economics beyond the introductory courses.

From Professor Jahedi:

Behavioral Economics is a field that incorporates insights from psychology into economic models. In this talk, we will discuss how improving the psychological realism of assumptions can lead to a more accurate understanding of human behavior. By doing so, we will show that welfare economics becomes hard as certain classical ideas, such as revealed preference (people prefer what they choose) and consumer sovereignty (no outsider can know an individual’s preferences better than the individual), no longer hold. We argue that it is possible to design environments to minimize human mistakes, and make people happier and healthier.

The zoom link is posted below and we hope you are able to join us!




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Announcing UWRA Scholarship & Fellowship in Aging

UW students are invited to apply for the 2020-2021 cycle of UWRA Scholarships and Fellowships in Aging. Applications for both scholarships and fellowships are due at noon on January 29, 2021.
These awards are available to students in any field who are pursuing research or preparing for careers related to aging.
  • Applications for the UWRA Scholarship in Aging must be submitted by January 29. The application form can be found on the Scholarships page of the UWRA web site. Up to three awards of $4,000 will be made. The scholarship is open to undergraduate, graduate and professional students at any UW campus. International and HB1079 students are welcome to apply. Awards are applied to spring quarter 2021 student accounts.
  • Applications for the UWRA Patricia Dougherty Fellowship in Aging must be submitted by January 29. Find requirements and application on the Graduate School web site. Up to two quarters of fellowship will be awarded. The fellowship is open only to students in the Graduate School. Recipients select a quarter in the 2021-2022 academic year in which to receive the award.
Please circulate this information to any interested faculty and students. Questions may be directed to me. Thank you!

Cathy Randolph | she/her

Associate Director Retiree Relations | UWRA

B80 Gerberding Hall | Box 351277 | Seattle WA 98195-1277

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UW Foster RSO Project Opportunity

Sustainability education is crucial for creating lasting solutions in our world. Here at ReThink, we seek to provide new solutions by exploring how business, sustainability, and technology can work together.

ReThink is creating a centralized, web-based platform to identify and promote small, sustainable businesses. We will provide consumers, students, and environmentally-conscious individuals with the knowledge and means to discover, investigate, and promote sustainable business practices. We are looking for developers, designers, researchers, and marketers.

Commitment: 10 hours per week for One Quarter w/ Possible Extension

Location: Remote

If you are interested, read more about the different positions at and apply at by 11:59 PM on December 11th. Interviews by invitation will be held on Dec 14-23.

Any questions can be directed to rethink

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DEADLINE EXTENDED: Reminder for The Economizer Submission

DEADLINE EXTENDED: Reminder for The Economizer Submission

The Economics Undergraduate Board (EUB) is opening up article submissions for The Economizer to all majors interested in economics. Share your passions, opinions and new ideas with your peers and faculty.

This is an opportunity for your article to be published in an undergraduate journal and featured on the EUB website. You may and are encouraged to write about concepts covered in your courses, whatever that might be.

Articles will be judged based upon:

1. Clarity of argument/writing

2. Correct writing/prose

3. Application of content to current events

4. Clear evidence of your passion and knowledge on the topic

5. Clear connection and relevance to economics

Authors of accepted submissions will be offered a choice of a $20 bookstore gift card or a UW Econ T-shirt.

Submissions are due by Friday, 25th November 2020, 11:59 pm PST. Please try to limit your submission to a maximum of 500 words. If it is too long, it will be edited for conciseness and length.

No late submissions will be accepted.

Submit your article here:

What is The Economizer?

The Economizer is a quarterly newsletter published by the Economics Undergraduate Board at the UW. The newsletter serves as a platform for the members of the department to discuss current economic issues and opinions. It is also a way of keeping our undergraduates informed about events happening in and around the Department of Economics.

Questions, Comments, Concerns? EMAIL: eub

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The Developing Economist Call for Submissions

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